These are live recordings from our worship services and include full sermons as well as some music from the service.

On older systems or with slow connections, we recommend that you download the file and save it to your system before listening: right click the link and choose "save target," or use the procedure that is appropriate for your operating system. Then browse to the saved file with your favorite media software to listen.

Otherwise, to listen to the file in your browser, left click; there may be a delay before sound begins.

Dr. Eric Walters, November 12, 2017, "'Weighting' for Justice," Amos 5:18-24

Dr. Gareth Murray, November 5, 2017, "Do as They Say," Matthew 23:1-12

Dr. Eric Walters, October 22, 2017, "Face to Face with the Lord," Exodus 33:12-33

Dr. Eric Walters, October 1, 2017, "A Subterranean Salvation," Philippeans 2:1-13

Dr. Duncan McIntosh, September 24, 2017, "The Peace of Gratitude," Matthew 20:1-16

Rev. Cochran, September 17, 2017, "From the Heart," Matthew 18:21-35

Dr. Gareth Murray, September 10, 2017, "A Love Supreme," Romans 13:8-14

Dr. Eric Walters, September 3, 2017, "For Such a Time as This," Romans 12:9-21

Dr. Duncan McIntosh, August 27, 2017, "Freeing God's Hands," Matthew 16:13-20

Dr. Gareth Murray, August 20, 2017, "From Pit to Praise," Genesis 45:1-15

Dr. Eric Walters, August 13, 2017, "Love is a Many Splintered Thing," Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28

Dr. Duncan McIntosh, August 6, 2017, "The Power of True Compassion," Matthew 14:13-23

Dr. Gareth Murray, July 30, 2017, Romans 8:26-38

Dr. Eric Walters, July 2, 2017, "An Instrument for Whose Hands," Romans 6:12-23