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Dr. Duncan McIntosh, April 23, 2017, "From Cynical Doubt..." John 20:19-31

Dr. Gareth Murray, April 16, 2017, "Who Are You Looking For?" John 20:1-18

Dr. Eric Walters, April 9, 2017, "Jesus Pours out Forgiveness," Matthew 26:6-29

Dr. Duncan McIntosh, April 2, 2017, "Can You Believe it?" John 11

Dr. Duncan McIntosh, March 26, 2017, "Blindness," John 9:1-12

Dr. Eric Walters, March 19, 2017, "Do We Miss God Among Us?" Exodus 17:1-7

Dr. Duncan McIntosh, March 12, 2017, "A New (Kind of) Birth," John 3:1-17

Dr. Gareth Murray, March 5, 2017, "Beta-Tested by the Eternal," Matthew 4:1-11

Dr. Eric Walters, Februrary 26, 2017, "God: A Consuming Fire," Exodus 24:12-17 and Matthew 17:1-9

Dr. Gareth Murray, February 5, 2017, Matthew 5:13-20, "Salt, Light, and Law"

Dr. Eric Walters, January 29, 2017, Matthew 5:1-12, "Blessed and Highly Un-Favored"

Dr. Duncan McIntosh, January 22, 2017, Matthew 4:12-23, "From Blueprints to Living Body"

Dr. Eric Walters, January 8, 2017, Acts 10:34-43, "Radical Transformation"